Sparks Slot Machine

General Description

As soon as the main Sparks screen opened up, I knew I was looking at a great slots game. The Sparks slot machine was developed by NetEnt. We’ve written about this company before and let’s just say we’re big fans of their casino games. While Sparks isn’t an in-your-face “hi-octane” blockbuster, it’s a fantastic game with some special features that really make it stand out. In fact, it’s probably Sparks’ laid-back ambience that makes it such an attractive game. And the great thing is, this game can really pay out some big sums too.


Being a NetEnt game, Sparks has too many great features to mention. The overall design of the game is very appealing with interesting symbols on the reels. The graphics are beautifully designed and the game has a relaxed vibe. Because there’s no visual clutter, the layout is very clear and easy to understand.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot going on. Sparks offers lots of dynamic features especially involving wilds. All the game’s features run perfectly and it’s easy to make various selections as you change your strategy.

It’s not often that the background music on a game isn’t something that you want to turn off right away. In Sparks, the music is light and relaxing so it’s really well suited to longer spinning sessions. While the sound effects for wins and other events are vibrant and fun, they aren’t too noisy.

Sparks Touch

NetEnt also offers many of its games as part of its NetEnt “Touch” series. The Sparks Touch version is optimized for use on tablet devices or smartphones. Sparks Touch looks great and runs very smoothly on mobile devices. This game is definitely suited to mobile play.

How to play the Sparks Slot Game

Sparks is a 5-reel slots game with 3 rows and 20 pay-lines. The game allows you to play in 2 distinct modes: “Win One Way” and “Win Both Ways”. We love the idea of this feature since it allows the player to mix things up. When you choose to switch between modes, the background design changes so it’s easy to know which mode you’re currently using.

“Win One Way” – your win is calculated from left to right, as with other slots.
“Win Both Ways” – your win is calculated from left to right or from right to left. Change between modes at the bottom right corner of the game.

Cloning Wilds

Unique to Sparks is a special kind of wild symbol called a cloning wild. These cloning wilds will clone the symbols adjacent to them, improving your chances for hitting a big win.

Sparks can pay out a maximum of 400 times your bet. It’s not a high-risk slots game by any means, but that doesn’t mean it’s not very entertaining to play. Trust us, making a win of 100 times your bet is a great feeling especially when it happens a few times in one session.


With regards to the “Win One Way” versus “Win Both Ways” feature, we liked having the ability to switch between the modes. Unfortunately, we don’t think that there’s a big difference between the two modes in terms of payout rates. For this reason, it’s probably best to play using the “Win Both Ways” option. The individual win amounts might be lower, but your chance of hitting winning combinations is higher.

In Conclusion

The Sparks slot game might not blow you away with crazy animations and an abundance of features, but that’s also its strong point. Sometimes you just want a solid, easy-to-play, and entertaining slot machine. Sparks is definitely that and with some unique wild features, there’s definitely the opportunity to come out of a session with some very nice wins.