NetEnt Releases New Rewards Wheel for Players

Online gaming developer Net Entertainment have released a new tool called the “Free Round Widget”. The widget will be able to players via all online casinos offering NetEnt games. The new widget is aimed at giving players rewards for play in a way that’s fun and engaging.

The Free Round Widget is only one tool in a new portfolio of software called Engage™. This new suite developed specifically for casinos in the NetEnt network. Engage™ is essentially a collection of tools to help casinos promote new games and generally increase the activity of their players.

NetEnt's New Free Round Widget.

An example of Free Round Widget as part of NetEnt’s popular Starburst online slot.

The concept behind the Free Round Widget is a good one – let’s give players exactly what they want. Since we’re talking about online casino players, the answer to “What do they want?” is quite an obvious one – more spins!

The Free Round Widget can be fully customized by the casinos offering NetEnt games. Beyond changing the colors and logos in the widget, each casino can configure the settings of the wheel, adding different types of bonuses and rewards.

How Free Round Widget Works

The Free Round Widget is configured by each casino to suit their needs, and what they’re looking to offer to their players. Online casinos will have free reign to add their messaging to the widget, and decide on the rewards and how large they should be.

The main use of the wheel will be to integrate it with the most popular online casino slots. The result is that players will be offered the opportunity to earn additional free spins from within their favorite game.

This is of course beyond the free spins that you earn as part of the particular game you’re playing.

This could, of course, also become available for other games as well. It’s possible to imagine how this type of rewards game could be integrated into other types of casino games such as roulette.

You don’t really need to know anything to try your luck at the Free Round Widget. The “Wheel of Fortune”-style game will appear within the game you’re already playing, and offer you the opportunity to spin it. You simply spin the wheel, and if you’re lucky, you will win free spins for your favorite game.

The Chief Product Officer for Net Entertainment, Henrik Fagerlund, released the following statement regarding the launch, “Free Round Widget is a great addition to NetEnt Engage, which is packed full of performance-boosting products and features, and another example of how NetEnt is committed to driving the online casino market forward through better gaming solutions. We understand the huge value in placing player engagement at the fore and are constantly working on innovative and exciting ways to facilitate this.”

NetEnt Engage is a whole suite of software tools that will help casinos create a more interactive relationship with their customers when it comes to rewards.

NetEnt Continues to Grow in 2017

It looks like NetEnt will end 2017 off on a high note. The company has shown positive numbers for year-on-year growth up until September of this year.

Per Eriksson, president and chief executive of NetEnt, said: “The third quarter was another solid quarter for NetEnt; revenues increased by 12 % and the operating margin was significantly better than in the third quarter of last year.”

The company’s total revenue in the 3rd quarter came to C$61 million (all figures rounded and converted to CAD on day of article’s publishing). This marks a 12.3%increase on revenue created over that same period last.

The main reason for the growth has been mobile gaming, particularly in Europe. “Mobile games and regulated markets such as the UK, Italy and Spain contributed the most to our growth”, Eriksson added.


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