No Deposit and Free Spins Casinos

As soon as the first no deposit bonus was launched, it became a hugely popular casino perk among online players. The idea of a free spins casino, one that would give you free money to play games, just seemed too good to be true. Over the years, the no deposit casino bonus has become a big incentive for a lot of players to try out new online casinos and new games. Players comb the internet looking for no deposit free spins so that they can enjoy their favorite games for free, while still playing for real money. After all, playing free casino games is easy since most online casinos will let you demo at least a few of their best games. The problem with playing for free is that it’s never as exciting, and you can’t do anything with the winnings you earn.

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Free spins and no deposit bonuses come in a number of shapes and sizes. It’s important to understand the way these bonuses work so that you can use them to your advantage, and maximize your casino play.

Types of No Deposit Casino Bonus

No deposit casino bonuses come in a variety of packages, but at the end of the day, they all allow you as a player the opportunity to play games for real money without having to transfer funds to the casino. Let’s take a look at the most common free spins and no deposit bonuses offered to Canadian players…

No Deposit Bonus

no deposit casino bonusBy registering to the online casino, your account will be credited with a pre-decided amount of money. The amount itself will differ between casinos but the range is usually from 10 to 25 dollars. Considering that you can play slots for 10 cents a spin, even a no deposit bonus of $10 means you get 100 free spins so even though these amounts can seem small, they give you a decent amount of play. Players new to the world of online casinos sometimes think they can just get the bonus and withdraw instantly. This is obviously not an option as every online casino doing this would go bankrupt in a day. These bonuses will almost always require you to wager a certain amount to be able to cash out the winnings you make using the deposit. Another thing to remember is that these bonuses will sometimes have a cap on the size of the winnings you can withdraw while using the free money.

Free Spin Bonuses

This type of no deposit bonus is specifically aimed at slots players. Free spin bonuses are usually associated with a specific game. For example, when an online casino wishes to promote a new slots game release, it will alert its players that they can get 50 free spins to play the game. Some online casinos will let you use free spins on a number of games that are decided upon ahead of time. The winnings you make from free spins are usually converted into bonus cash and added to your account. To withdraw that money, you will be asked to follow the casino’s bonus conditions such as wagering requirements.

Free Play Bonuses

Sometimes referred to as “Free Time” bonuses, free play bonuses are measured in portions of time that you can play at the casino with bonus chips. The casino gives you a set amount of free chips. Usually this amount is much larger than the other types of no deposit bonuses, often in the 500 to 1000 dollar range. The restriction here is that you only get a certain fixed amount of time to make use of your chips and win as much money as you can. When your time is up, your winnings from the session are converted into bonus cash and added to your account. Withdrawing this money is possible, but you will have to follow the online casino’s withdrawal terms which are usually based upon wagering requirements. The winnings you earn from free play/time bonuses are also usually capped to a certain amount.

Games that can be played with a no deposit bonus

The games available for play using a no deposit bonus will depend on the type of package the casino is currently offering. Generally, no deposit bonuses won’t usually be restricted to a small number of games, and will give you freedom to use the bonus money to play a variety of casino game types. Free spins are usually targeted towards a new game, or a selection of games. This isn’t usually something to complain about since the games on offer are often some of the best online slots anyway.

With the free play/time bonuses, the choice is usually even wider and will include a lot of what the casino has to offer. Unfortunately, with no deposit bonuses, it’s common for online casinos to exclude blackjack or roulette games. The reason for this is that these games often have a very small house edge so players can win a lot of money in only a short amount of time. This is also true with video poker. No deposit bonuses of any type that allow you to play blackjack, roulette or video poker are much rarer than those available for slots play.

How to redeem your no deposit bonus

As mentioned above, no deposit bonuses vary in the way they work and this is also true for how they are handed out. Online casinos will commonly use three basic methods for giving away no deposit bonuses, and this is true with any type of such bonus…

Bonus Codes
This type of no deposit bonus can be claimed by players who receive a special code. Bonus codes are distributed in a number of ways. SOmetimes, an online casino will give out a bonus code by posting it on their website’s blog. Other times the casino will contact marketers and promoters to make players aware of the new bonus. If you;re a registered player to an online casino, you can also expect to receive a bonus code by mail. Once you have the bonus code, it’s just a matter of entering it into the dedicated space in the casino’s cashier.

As the name suggests, you won’t have to do anything to receive this type of no deposit bonus. Just register to the casino, and you’ll have the bonus cash waiting in your account. The only thing to take notice of here is that with specific promotional bonuses, some online casinos will limit the time that the offer is valid for. For example, a christmas promotion will obviously not be available throughout the entire year.

Contacting Support
Some no deposit promotions will ask that you contact the casino’s support department to receive your bonus. This is also really easy. Just use your preferred method – online chat, phone or email – and a support representative will add the bonus amount to your account.

In Conclusion

Free spins and any type of no deposit bonus are a great way to experience the thrill of real money casino gaming for free. Remember to always carefully read the casino’s bonus terms and conditions so you can maximize your bonus cash and know how to withdraw your winnings.