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Online Poker

Although some people may think that online poker has vanished from the gaming world, it’s still very much alive. The extremely hyped “poker bubble” that existed some years ago may have burst, but online poker is still alive and well. There are lots of great online poker rooms out there with professional sharks earning nice amounts of cash and fish trying to swim up river to get their piece of the poker pie.

If you, like us, are predominantly online casino fans, you may have never even tried online poker. It’s a very different animal to the online casino world, but it can be a really exciting experience. The biggest draw is the social aspect, as online poker software will let you chat with fellow players. It’s also a very vibrant scene since there are always lots of tournaments going on with big cash prizes up for grabs.

Is Online Poker Legal in Canada?

You may be wondering whether online poker is even legal in Canada. Well, we have good news for you – it totally is! As we’ve explained in other articles on this site, the Canadian legal system has yet to draw out the exact laws regarding gambling of this kind and since every province relates to online gaming in a different way, this is a long and complicated process. In the meantime, Canadians are free to play online poker and there are many sites offering services to Canadians.

The Best Poker Sites for Canadians

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There are lots of great poker rooms for Canadian players. It really depends on the type of poker you wish to play, and on the kind of atmosphere you’re looking for. Besides factors like game type, and the shark-fish ratio of a poker room, we urge you to always play at online poker sites that are safe and secure. If you have any doubt about the legitimacy of a poker room, then do not deposit any of your money there. There are plenty of other options out there.

A few of the online casinos that we recommend also offer online poker. This is great because it means you can move from playing slots to playing poker and back again, as you please. With this kind of service, sometimes referred to as a “shared-wallet”, you don’t even have to worry about logging in and out to switch what you are playing. You can just click on over to the poker section and your funds will be there. And when you’re done playing poker, a click on the top menu will take you back to the casino action.

The online casinos 888 and William Hill are two great examples of online gaming services that cover both casino and poker. The amazing thing about these brands is that the quantity of gambling options does not affect the quality of the gaming experience. If you’re looking to open an account that will let you play superb slots as well as get some poker hands in, then you should definitely give 888 and William Hill a try. These are both very experienced gaming companies that are monitored by third-party organizations making them safe and secure.

Are Canadians Taxed on their Poker Winnings?

Technically, any money you earn from playing online poker can be considered as taxable. However, as with all taxes, this depends on how much you are earning from online poker and on your other financial details. These parameters will of course vary between players so there isn’t a definite answer for this one. If you’re in doubt, seek advice or speak to an accountant to see what your rights and obligations are in this respect. If you’re just playing for fun, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Poker Bonuses for Canadian Players

If you aren’t familiar with online poker, the whole welcome bonus thing can be a bit confusing. In the online casino world, bonuses are a bit more simple to work out. With poker rooms, bonuses can come in all shapes and sizes with some being very valuable and others just hot air. We strongly recommend that you carefully read the bonus terms and conditions, which by law, will appear under any poker bonus promotion. To clear poker bonuses, you will usually have to gamble a certain amount and this will be easy or hard to do, depending on how much you intend to play.

The Best Way to Play Online Poker in Canada

As we’ve mentioned, the most important thing in online poker is to sign up at a reputable poker room. Not only is the software at these rooms superior, the cash prizes being played for are huge.

Many poker brands offer players the chance to enter real poker tournaments by playing well in their internal competitions. We’ve seen package deals with flights, accommodation and buy-ins for lucky online players who suddenly found themselves in professional poker tournaments abroad!

The biggest tip for the best online poker experience is to be on top of what’s going on. Poker is a very vibrant scene so make sure you sign up to the newsletters and enter the tournaments on time. Also, hone your skills. There is plenty of information online about how to improve your online poker performance. If you’re not looking to go pro, you might not care too much about poker strategies, but even a tip here and there can really advance your game and sometimes even a small change in your approach can affect your earnings.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a social online gambling experience then you should definitely give online poker a try. If you don’t have a background in poker at all, it may require a bit of learning at first, but the basics of the game aren’t that complicated. What does take time is getting good, but if you’re looking for some thrills, playing some bluffs and taking a few fat pots, then you really don’t need to become a poker guru. A lot can be learned from experience and online poker can be a nice break from slots and other casino games. If you’re looking for an online gambling service that offers casino games and poker rooms under one roof, sign up at 888 or William Hill. These are both great brands that offer premium casino and poker gaming.