How to play Casino using your debit Card

Playing at online casinos is a huge amount of fun, but if you’ve ever had problems making a deposit to play for real money, you’ll know that frustration can ruin the experience. The truth is, that if you know where to play, there’s no reason why you should have any problem making a deposit at an online casino, or a withdrawal for that matter. There are a number of online casinos that accept debit cards from Canadian players. We recommend a handful of quality sites that will accept debit cards as well as online casinos that accept prepaid Visa cards. The problems with online casino credit card usage are usually related to the way your bank works, and don’t really have anything to do with the casinos’ policies. With debit cards, there are a number of advantages over other payment methods when it comes to online casino transactions. The most important step in making your deposits a smooth and safe process is picking the right online casino.

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Do slot machines accept debit cards?

The short answer is yes. Online casinos that accept debit cards will let you make deposits at the cashier to create a personal bankroll. Once your casino bankroll is activated, you can play slots, or any of the other games offered by the casino for real money.

How to make a casino deposit with a debit card

A good online casino should make depositing with a debit card a breeze. In fact, for our online casino reviews, we always make sure to check that a casino has simple and secure processes in place to allow for all types of payment methods. To make a deposit with a debit card, just head over to the casino’s cashier page and pick out your specific card’s brand. If your card doesn’t appear in the list of payment method options, there should be a general “Debit Card” option that you can select. Then, you’ll be asked to add in the card’s details and some other basic information. From this point on, it’s just a matter of following the on-screen instructions. If at any point you have difficulty completing the process, or don’t see the amount appear in your bankroll, just contact the casino’s support department for assistance. It’s very unlikely that you should have any issues since this process has been made very streamlined in recent years. It’s no different than ordering a pizza or buying a birthday gift online.

Online casinos that ask for documentation

Some online casinos may ask you for basic documentation as proof that you are in fact the person in charge of the funds you wish to deposit. There’s no need to be alarmed if this happens to you. In fact, it’s done for your own protection. All you need to do is send over a scanned version of the documents requested by the casino and once they’re approved you can make your deposit hassle free. If you are asked to present documentation, you will only have to do it once so it’s really not a big deal. After that, any additional deposits you make will skip out this step.

Online casinos that accept debit cards

It’s become quite common for established online casinos to accept debit cards. The casinos that we recommend to Canadian players all accept the most popular debit cards. Some examples are Jackpot City, William Hill, Spin Palace, Royal Vegas, 888 Casino, All Slots, and Maple Casino. If you’re interested in playing at a certain casino, and want to make sure your preferred payment method is accepted, visit the casino’s website and look for a page titled something like “Banking”, “Payment Methods” or similar. If you’re still not sure, just contact the casino directly.

Debit or credit card – which is better for online gaming?

Technically, there’s almost no difference between these two types of cards in terms of the deposit process. Meaning, both will give you the same ease-of-use when making a deposit and neither is quicker than the other. Debit cards, however, do have some advantages with regards to managing your funds. Firstly, credit cards generally allow you to use money that you don’t necessarily have in your account. This can be problematic since it can lead to you spending more money than you originally wished to. With a debit card, you can only make deposits with money you already have. Therefore, for problematic gamblers, debit cards are much better than credit cards. Another advantage is that you won’t have to spend extra money in cases where interest fees are charged.

Fees when making a deposit with a debit card

Royal Bank CanadaIf you do choose to make a deposit with a debit or credit card, you’ll be glad to know that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be charged any additional fees. Some credit/debit card companies do charge a fee for online use, but this is largely falling away due to the huge popularity of online payments. This is another advantage with using debit cards to make deposits at online casinos. Because no fees are charged, you won’t feel pressured into making a larger deposit than you need just to “make it worthwhile” and reduce the effect of the fees. You can deposit as many times as you want, and at any time of day or night, so always make sure to only deposit the amount that you are comfortable with, and that you can afford to gamble with.

Secure banking at online casinos

A common worry, especially of new online gamblers, is about the level of security used in online casino banking. This is where picking the right casino is crucial. A good online casino is a reputable and trustworthy casino that uses sophisticated and standardized technology to make sure transactions are safe. The casinos we recommend on this site all use dedicated encryption technology to ensure that both deposits and withdrawals are secure.

Leading online casinos also carefully monitor the activity on their sites to kick out hackers, scammers, and other malicious agents that might decide to. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise us if online casinos were more secure with regards to payments than even the most popular online stores. This is another advantage of using a credit or debit card for that matter. In cases of possible fraudulent use of your card, you can contact the card company and freeze the card or take other actions necessary in protecting your funds.

Making a deposit without a debit or credit card

Debit Card CasinosIf you don’t already have a debit or credit suitable for online purchases, then this could be something to look into. More and more Canadians are making purchases online and it’s become very easy to apply for and receive a credit card. If you prefer not to use a card for making transactions at your favorite online casino, there are other options. For example, PayPal has become a popular choice along with other e-wallets. Online bank transfers and wire transfers are also accepted by most major online casinos.

Whichever payment method you end up using, the biggest factor in ensuring that your transactions are secure and glitch-free is the casino that you’re playing at. We highly recommend playing at online casinos that have been proven to be trustworthy businesses with professional support departments and official licenses.

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