Keno is an extremely old gambling game, developed in China more than 2000 years ago. Keno is still popular today and has gained even more attention as an online version with fans from around the world logging into keno sites daily. In Canada, keno games are also offered by lottery operators like the Ontario Lottery. In online casinos, keno games are especially attractive since they seem to be more entertaining and rewarding than the versions offered at land-based casinos. All our recommended casinos offer great options for keno gaming so feel free to try one of them out and get a taste for the craze that is keno!

How to Play Online Keno

Part of what makes keno so charming is its simplicity. Actually, you could think of it as a Chinese version of bingo.

  1. Step 1. Pick your numbers from the number sheet. Depending on the specific game layout, you usually get to pick either 10, 15 or 20 numbers.
  2. Step 2. In brick-and-mortar casinos, at this stage, you have to hand in your ticket to have it validated. In online keno games, all you have to do at this stage is click “START”.
  3. Step 3. Now it’s in Lady Luck’s hands. Numbers are selected randomly and you will want as many of yours as possible to come up.

In keno, the payout you receive depends on how many numbers you select and how many of your predicted numbers are correct. Payouts vary depending on the specific Keno version you are playing so it’s always best to check the payout table of the game you are playing.

Online Keno Bonuses and Other Perks

Online keno has quite a few advantages over its land-based cousin…

Fast-Paced Action – In land-based casinos, a round of keno can be quite a drawn-out process with lots of waiting as sheets have to be collected and numbers drawn out one by one. In the online version, everything takes place quickly and smoothly, allowing you to get much more keno action, in far less time.

Wide Selection – online casinos will often have a number of keno variations. This is great since it allows you to mix up your keno play and keep things fun.

Keno Bonuses – Some keno games offer players nice perks like bonus selections or additional keno balls. These perks give you extra chances to win.

Mobile Keno Games – Keno is one of those games that is perfect to play on a mobile device. Online casinos that offer mobile versions will often offer keno as well, meaning you can enjoy this game wherever, whenever.

Online Keno Odds

If you’re looking for great odds, then keno will be quite low on your list of games to play. Games like blackjack and baccarat have much better odds since the house edge in a keno game usually exists in the 4% to 30% range. The advantage of keno is that a keno sheet can land you a jackpot payout whereas in other games with lower house edges, winnings are capped so your maximum payout will be limited.

Here are the odds of the various keno results based on number of correct number predictions on a 20-number sheet…

No correct numbers: 0.1186%
1: 1.1628%
2: 5%
3: 12.5%
4: 20.83%
5: 23.81%
6: 19.23%
7: 11.36%
8: 5%
9: 1.64%
10: 0.4%
11: 0.07%
12: 0.0091%
13: 0.00085%
14: 0.0000549%
15: 0.0000024%
16: 0.0000000668%
17: 0.0000000011%
18: 0.0000000001%
19: 0.000000000000034%
20: 0.00000000000000003%

Online Keno Varieties

Keno exists in a number of different versions. Here are some basic varieties that you should know about…

Power Keno – if the 20th number drawn matches your prediction, your winnings are multiplied by 4.
Super Keno – if the 1st number drawn matches your prediction, your winnings are multiplied by 4.
Combination Keno – with this variation, you can select different groupings of your lucky numbers, giving you more chances to win.

Online Keno Payouts

In a typical keno game, payouts will be calculated according to the following scenarios although this will of course vary depending on the specific keno version you are playing…

You pick 1 number: if that number hits, you win 3 times your bet.
You pick 5 numbers: 2 hits will win you your money back; 3 hits will triple your money; 5 hits will win you 50 times your bet amount.
You pick 15 numbers: 5 hits will win you your money back; 6 hits double your bet; 15 hits will win you the keno jackpot of 10,000 times your bet amount.

Tips for Playing Online Keno

Our main tip for playing keno would be to compare games offered by a casino to find the Keno version with the best payout system.

The other tip would be to select the maximum amount of numbers. This will obviously increase your chances of winning.

Play Keno for Free

If you’re not sure if keno is for you, then why not just play a few rounds for free? All our recommended casinos offer free trial keno versions so you can get a feel for the game first. Then, when you want to try your luck, just click the “Play for real money” button on the screen. You’ll be taken to a registration screen to enter your basic details, and then to the cashier. You can make a deposit as big or as small as you wish (you can always top up your bankroll later on). Then, you’ll be taken back to the keno game you were playing and you can continue playing. Only this time, any lucky number you hit will be paying you out in real cash!

In Conclusion

Keno is a simple but fun lottery or bingo-style game. Although this game has a high house edge, it does have the potential to land you jackpot amounts. The bottom line is that if you enjoy keno, then you’ll play it anyway so at least make sure you’re playing at a reputable keno operator. Our recommended casinos have some great keno options. For any keno game you’re playing, take a moment to check out the payout table. Some games will have better payout systems than others. Good luck and enjoy!