Online Casinos for the iPad

casino canada ipad proPlaying casino games on a mobile device is a lot of fun, and the fact that you can bet with real money and win real money, makes it a very thrilling experience. Online casinos have progressed a lot in recent years and today there are a lot of amazing iOS casino apps that have been tailor-made to suit smartphone and tablet devices. Because of the popularity of the iPad, casino software developers are always looking to make amazing games for this device. If you own an iPad and are a fan of casino games, then you’re in for a treat.

The iPad’s big touchscreen and vibrant graphics capabilities make it perfect for online casino gaming. It’s easy to immerse yourself into the thrill of any type of casino game while playing on an iPad, and the comfort factor makes it a pleasure to use. Not all online casinos offer full iPad compatibility so it’s best to look for dedicated apps to play on. For online casinos that don’t have native apps, you can play on the casino’s web-based version.

We thought we’d round up some useful information about playing online casino games on the iPad, since so many of our readers are keen iPad casino players. So, here we go…

The Best Online Casinos for the iPad

Let’s start with the most important tip (and what most of you are here for). Our recommendations for the best iPad casinos for Canadian players are as follows…

  1. Jackpot City
  2. Spin Palace
  3. Betway

We’ve reviewed each of the above casinos in full, so feel free to learn more about these great brands in our online casino review section here.

The iPad Online Casino Experience

If you haven’t experience playing casino games on an iPad then you may not get what we’re so excited about. It’s one of those things that you just have to try to really understand. The whole attraction of online casino gaming is that you don’t have to make a big deal about playing your favorite games. Here in Canada we’re blessed with some of the best brick-and-mortar casinos in the world. Playing at land-based casinos is a lot of fun. It’s an outing though, and that can be enjoyable, but we’re not always in the mood to get in the car just to play a few rounds of blackjack or try to hit that near-to-toppling progressive jackpot. Playing on a laptop or desktop computer is alright, but there’s something really luxurious and enjoyable about being able to recline on a comfy sofa, or even sit outdoors and play amazing casino games.

The iPad has proven itself to be an amazing platform for just that. With smartphones you definitely get access to the same level of quality when it comes to casino games, but the screen real-estate is slightly limited and sometimes it can be a bit fiddly when pressing the buttons (depending on the size of the device you’re using, of course). With an iPad, that’s not an issue. The gestured movements, the clear layout and the big and bold graphics are very captivating and really add to the sensation of being in a lively casino environment.

Is Playing Casino Games on an iPad Safe?

It’s generally thought that iOS apps are safe since Apple is quite strict when deciding about whether an app should be added to the iStore. Regardless of this fact, when it comes to online casino gaming, it’s more about the actual casino company than the format you’re playing on if you’re thinking about safety. Legitimate online casinos have gambling licenses which are granted to them by external organizations that make sure the games and platforms are safe and secure. These casinos are also monitored by 3rd-party testing systems and check that they’re fair. In other words, we can’t stress enough the importance of playing at a legitimate and officially-licensed online casino. The online casinos that we recommend for iPad players are all like the above – they have official gambling licenses and are monitored by 3rd-party testing agencies.

How to start playing casino games on your iPad

If you already have an account with an iPad-compatible online casino, all you’ll need to do is sign in to your account via your iPad. The casino software will take care of the rest.

If you haven’t registered to an online casino that offers iPad access, just point your web browser to the casino using your iPad and download the app via the button on the website. Your iPad will take care of the rest.

To start playing with real money, you’ll need to make a deposit. Don’t worry, this is super simple on an iPad, but there is something to take note of. Apple doesn’t allow all casino apps to offer players the ability to make a deposit within the app. In cases like these, all you have to do is log in to the website version of the casino and go to the cashier page from there. Then just pick your preferred payment method. The rest is exactly like any other online shopping scenario. You’ll see your deposit appear in your account as you real money bankroll. Now it’s time to have some fun. Just pick out an interesting game and start playing for real money prizes!

The Best Casino Games for the iPad

It’s kind of a hard task to create a list for the best iPad games and the reason for this is quite simple – there are too many amazing games. There are so many types of casino games when you think about it. There are the more traditional card and table games, then there are the fast-paced slots and wacky arcade games too, not to mention video poker and others. The choice of casino games for the iPad is vast. There’s a lot to discover. What we really love about playing casino games on the iPad is that it creates a different experience when playing games that you already know. The graphics are really vibrant, making slots dazzle and card tables seem to pop out the screen. Using a touchscreen is also a great match for casino games, since when you think about it playing at a real casino is often about using your hands – moving the chips, looking at your cards etc. This aspect is so simple but adds so much to online casino games.

Are there free iPad casino games?

Most of the leading online casinos will let you play at least a few of the games completely free, before having to make a deposit. Obviously, this also means that you won’t be able to win real money.

In Conclusion

If you own an iPad, or are planning on buying one, you should definitely experieince playing casino games on it. There’s a huge variety of top-quality casino titles of all types to explore, and there are real money jackpots to play for. For card games, table games slots and other game types, the iPad provides such an immersive experieince that it really does give you a new view of online gaming. Using a touchscreen is a lot of fun and the practical format of the iPad makes it a pleasure to use when you want to play your favorite games, but also feel like relaxing on your favorite sofa.