Dark Knight Slot Machine

Dark Knight slot machine

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General Description

The Batman trilogy has excited movie fans from around the world with its dark atmospheres, thrilling plotlines and blockbuster visual effects. Now you can experience the dark action-packed world of Batman in Microgaming’s epic slots game: Batman, The Dark Knight.

This video slot is not only captivating to play, it’s a progressive slot game with huge jackpots to play for. And what we really love about this game is that even though there are big progressive jackpots to play for, this isn’t a high stakes game and can be played using a variety of bet amounts.


The Dark Knight is a Microgaming title based on the 2008 blockbuster Batman film. Microgaming went all out on this one combining amazing graphics and sounds with fast-paced gameplay. We really love how the game keeps up the suspense and drama with lots of animation and video from the movie. With all the action going on, the game still runs smoothly and all the features work as expected.

The layout is clear too. You’ll find the main control area at the bottom of the screen with access to bet amounts. At the top of the screen are the progressive jackpots so you can watch them rise. The two smaller jackpots are hit fairly often so you’ll see them reset now and again.

How to Play The Dark Knight Slots Game

The Dark Knight is a 5-reel video slot that may seem to have a regular layout, but there is a slight twist here. In this game, you don’t need your symbols to line up according to the traditional pay-line system. In The Dark Knight, you win anytime you hit the same lucky symbols on the reels, from left to right, regardless of their vertical position. The result is a whopping 243 pay-lines, meaning 243 ways to win.

The Dark Knight slot game offers all kinds of great features including stacked wilds, scatter symbols, multiplied winnings and free spins. To play this game, you don’t need a huge bankroll. Even by betting small amounts you will be eligible to win one of the progressive jackpots.

This slot game accepts 1 or 2-cent coins. The minimum bet per spin is 30 cents while the maximum is $6.00 (or 300 2-cent coins). Use the betting controls at the bottom of the screen to pick your bet size anywhere within that range.

The Dark Knight isn’t a game to play for a few spins and then move on. To get the most out of this game, you need to give it a chance so that it reveals all of its cool features. For example, when you get to the special cinematic spins feature, you’ll see the reels completely disappear to show actual footage from the movie.

The wild symbol in this game is the Dark Knight logo and will substitute other symbols to help you win. This wild will also yield the base game’s largest fixed jackpot. Hit 5 wilds and you win 2,000 coins. The Dark Knight wild can also randomly become stacked so the machine can be made to hit a 100% wild spin!

The scatter symbol is the Batman logo with the joker’s face. By hitting 5 scatters in a single spin, you’ll win 15,000 coins.

Free Spins
By hitting scatter symbols on 3 or more spins, you’ll trigger the 15 free spins that includes the doubling of any winnings you take. What’s great about this is that you can hit the combo again during the free spins round for more free spins and up to 5 times your winnings.

Progressive Jackpots
If you’re really lucky, your spin will lead you to a bonus wheel. Here you pick either The Dark Knight or the Joker to spin the wheel. When the wheel stops, your jackpot size is determined according to these tiers:

  • Mini Jackpot: $10 or more
  • Minor Jackpot: $100 or more
  • Major Jackpot: $10,000 or more
  • Mega Jackpot: $1,000,000 or more!


While your bet size will not affect your 243 ways to win, if you’re set on the largest progressive jackpot, betting at maximum will give you the best chance of winning.

In Conclusion

The Dark Knight is a blockbuster of a slots game that should not be missed. Action-packed with huge progressive jackpots to play for, this is a hero of a slot.