Hook’s heroes

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General Description

Looking for a real adventure? What are slots games good for if not to get the juices flowing! Hook’s Heroes is a game that invites you to join a gang of pirates as they sail the high seas looking for bounty. Should you accept this invitation, you might just find yourself back on home soil with some real jackpot treasure goodies.

Hook’s Heroes is a 5-reel 3-row slots game with 20 bet-lines in a fairly traditional online slots layout. As with all NetEnt games, the design is superb. The theme is both endearing and entertaining and has a fun mix of childishness and creepiness, slightly resembling Tim Burton’s movies. I’m not sure if everyone sees that.

The game is not heavily packed with features, but keeps things interesting with a variety of free spin rounds. Hook’s Heroes will let you win up to 36,000 in cash from a single line bet so this isn’t child’s play in terms of win amounts.


As we mentioned before, this is a NetEnt title and as we’ve come to expect from this company, everything about Hook’s Heroes runs perfectly and looks great. The game’s clear layout is easy to navigate and the animations help to understand the win combinations.

That being said, Hook’s Heroes is a fairly straightforward game that we feel could have been elaborated a little. Still, there are many things we love about this game and its simplicity is also part of what makes it an attractive slots machine that has the potential to pay out.

Speaking of paying out, this game has a return-to-player (RTP) rate of 96.82% which is fairly high. The minimum bet is 0.20 while the maximum is 200.

How to Play Hook’s Heroes Slot Game

Our recommendation for playing any slot game is to first decide upon the bet sizes you wish to play with. While making larger bets will pay out bigger wins, you should aim to be able to play for a decent amount of time so you get to experience the various bonus rounds and special features. Hook’s Heroes allows you to choose bet sizes from 0.20 to 200 so the game suits micro-stakes or big betting play.

The Hook’s Heroes slot machine has three special spin features that are activated randomly – the Fairy, Mermaid and Pirate features. Apart from these features there’s also a Free Spins mode.

The Fairy Feature

The fairy uses her wand to touch between 2 to 5 symbols automatically turning them into wilds.

The Mermaid Feature

The mermaid multiples all wins 2x, but that’s not all. If your spin includes one or more wild symbols, your winnings get a 4x multiplier!

The Pirate Feature

With the pirate feature, winning combinations aren’t calculated based upon the paylines, but instead according to the number of symbols that come up on the reels. Basically, getting 4 of the same symbol anywhere on the reels is considered a win, just as if those 4 symbols were lined up with a pay-line.

Free Spins Mode

To trigger the free spins mode you need to get three scatter symbols. You can then choose between 3 different types of free spin feature. If you trigger the free spins mode with 4 scatter symbols, you get to choose twice, and if you hit 5 scatters, three times. So by hitting 5 scatters you get 30 free spins. Awesome!


Don’t just stick to choosing the same special feature. Try the various options out. This way you’ll have more fun, and who knows? It might just end up being exactly what you needed to boost your bankroll.

In Conclusion

Hook’s Heroes is a fun slots game with some really nice features that can really boost your winnings whether its free spins or multipliers.