Jurassic Park Slot Machine

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General Description

Venture into a dark dinosaur-infested jungle in search for big jackpots in Microgaming’s fantastic Jurassic Park slots game. Not for the faint-at-heart, the Jurassic Park slots game is far from your average 5-reel slot machine. After all, it’s theme is taken from one of the highest grossing movies of all time. A movie which earned over $1 billion at the box office and won 3 Oscars. It’s a video slot game packed with amazing animation and lots of ways to win. It’s really easy to get swept away by the game’s various rounds and stages and what we really liked about this game is that it evolves over time, exposing you to new characters (well, dinosaurs) and giving you more chances to win.


The Jurassic Park slots game was developed by industry leader Microgaming. The game is extremely smooth with no hitches of any kind and the maximum jackpot is a whopping 1,900,000 coins so there’s definitely some big prize money to play for here.

The Jurassic Park slots game is available for play on any mobile device and looks great on both a smartphone and tablet.

How to play the Jurassic Park slots game

Jurassic Park offers players 243 ways to win so while the main screen might resemble a common 5×3 slots game layout, there’s a lot more going on. The home screen is set against an eerie jungle background that moves slowly as you play – genius! The symbols themselves are beautifully designed and the characters move after each spin keeping the game lively.

Most importantly, this game really does give you plenty of chances to win money and we were especially impressed by the number of ways to earn free spins, which seem like a common occurrence in this game. You start off in “T-rex Alert Mode” which means that at any moment a huge T-rex will appear behind the slots roaring angrily. This gives you 6 free spins, but the bonus is that throughout these spins, up to 35 wild symbols (appearing as the Jurassic Park logo) are released which can land you some really big win amounts.

This is just one “stage” of the game, though. As you keep playing, more scatter symbols (appearing as mosquitos in tree sap) can be collected to trigger more advanced free spin features that include wild reels, wild multipliers, split wilds, winning wilds and running wilds.

These advanced modes are easy to follow since they’re all accompanied by their own designated dinosaur. You start off with the T-rex; then it’s a Velociraptor; a Brachiosaurus; a Triceratops, and lastly, a Dilophosaurus. Yes, you could say that this game even has an educational side to it – impress your friends with your new knowledge of dinosaur species!


The Jurassic Park slots game gives you more control over the gameplay, the more you play. After playing the free spins feature 25 times, you will be able to switch between modes as you desire. Keep your eye on the progress bar to know how far you are from being able to activate this feature.

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In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a truly entertaining slots game with good potential for paying out big jackpots, then look no further than Jurassic Park. The game is beautifully designed, but the way it’s structured is really what it makes it so rewarding, lending itself to hours of action-packed spinning. We also recommend playing the game on your mobile device, especially on a tablet which really harnesses the game’s dynamic nature and stunning animation.