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Online Gambling in Canada

If you’re interested in online gambling and would like to know more about which services to use, you’ve come to the right place. We created this website to offer Canadian casino fans a comprehensive source of information about online casino gambling.

There are a lot of great  brands out there, but also a lot that you should stay clear of. We review everything the net has to offer Canadian players, and hand-pick the most entertaining, rewarding and secure online gambling sites just for you.

Browse our recommendations and have a try at any casino you think will suit your needs. Because the brands we present here are trustworthy, you will have no trouble in closing any account you’ve opened should you for some reason be dissatisfied.

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Welcome to the exciting world of online gambling. Have fun and good luck!

The Most Popular Gambling Games

Online gambling has advanced so much since it began in the late nineties. Nowadays, almost every casino game in existence has an equivalent online version. Actually, because of the unlimited nature of software, online casinos offer an even wider (and crazier) range of casino games than land-based casinos.

Still, it’s the classics that always win in the end. Blackjack, roulette, slots, craps and their variations, are games that casinos fans will always come back to. That’s because they offer the perfect balance of style, suspense, and the potential to win big. Other games like keno, bingo, and arcade games have also become very popular and can offer a refreshing change of atmosphere after a blackjack or slots session.

Canadian Gambling Casinos

Not all online gambling sites and services are available to Canadian players. Some sites don’t offer support in English or French and others are lacking in payment methods that are popular with Canadians. That’s where we come in. All the online casinos that we recommend are suitable for Canadian players.

Why It’s Important to Choose the Right Gambling Site

The fact that an online casino is open for Canadian business isn’t enough to earn our recommendation. As fans of online gambling ourselves, we hate the disappointment that comes from signing up to an unprofessional website with terrible customer service.

Unfortunately, that can be the least of your worries as some online casinos are actually extremely shady operations that should be avoided at all costs. When we review a casino or brand, we cover a lot of factors from reliability to entertainment and account management. Using our recommendations, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect online casino to suit your personal taste.

The Legality of Canadian Online Gambling

canada building lawThe laws concerning online gambling in Canada can sometimes seem a bit blurry. The fact of the matter is, that because of the nature of internet technology and how fast it evolves, the law is often left behind. It takes time for officials to pass laws and reach agreements, not to mention money and resources.

While the law may seem unclear regarding certain aspects of online gaming, most of the important questions can be answered. For starters, as a Canadian citizen, you aren’t at any legal risk just by gambling online. Online casinos and other online betting services based in Canada are at risk of facing legal issues, but operators based “offshore” are not. Since our recommended casinos are all based outside of Canada’s borders, playing at these casinos is legal.

10 Things that Make an Online Casino Great

Here are some of the questions we ask ourselves when trying to gauge how good an online casino really is. We recommend you use this list of questions when you’re looking for a new online casino too.

  1. A Warm Welcome
  2. Does the casino offer a generous welcome bonus that you can benefit from?

  3. Games that Won’t Quit
  4. What’s the quality of the games offered? Are they new releases or old games that look like they’re from the nineties?

  5. Game Variety
  6. Are there different types of games offered (table games, slots, video poker etc.)?

  7. Jackpots
  8. Does the casino have progressive jackpots? How big are the jackpots at the moment and how many active jackpots are there?

  9. Casino Interface
  10. Is it easy to navigate through the casino’s menus? How about making a deposit?

  11. Mobile
  12. Does the casino have a mobile version? What’s it like?

  13. Promotions
  14. What does the casino offer loyal players? How frequent are the promotions?

  15. Customer Service that Actually Serves
  16. Is it easy to get hold of an actual customer support person? Do they respond professionally?

  17. Easy Transactions
  18. Is making a deposit or transaction complicated or annoying? Does the casino offer a variety of payment options?

  19. Trustworthy

Is the online casino licensed and monitored by an official third-party program?

Canadian Gambling FAQ’s

Q: Is online gambling popular in Canada?
A: Gambling has always been a fairly popular pastime in Canada. With the advent of online casino gaming, gambling has become even more popular in recent years. This is also because Canada’s gambling laws are fairly loose compared to some other countries.

Q: Is Gambling in Canada problematic legally?
A: Canadian gambling laws differ from province to province. For example, lotteries and betting on horseracing is legal throughout the country while casino gambling may be illegal in Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Labrador and Prince Edward Island. In other provinces, casino gambling is legal and the laws tend to change as the governing bodies become interested in the tax potential of the industry. Because the laws are provincial, online gaming at casinos that aren’t based in the country is completely legal. This means you can play at online casinos that are based offshore, without any need to worry about legal risk. All the sites we recommend here are based outside Canada’s borders and therefore can legally be played by Canadians.

Q: What type of games are offered by online casinos?
A: Online casinos offer an overwhelming range of gambling games. There are traditional casino games like card and table games, slots and video poker as well as crazy arcade games, keno, bingo and scratch card games. Just explore and find which games are the most entertaining for you.

Gambling in 2017

Despite continuing its status as somewhat of a grey area, online gambling is still completely legal in Canada, and it doesn’t look like this will change in the near future. It’s important to remember that laws may vary depending on which province you live in, but on the whole online gaming is alive and well in Canada. In fact, we recently published an article outlining how gaming has been benefitting communities in Ontario. In general, gaming can have a positive effect both in terms of financial donations to community organizations as well as boosting the local economy and providing employment for residents. It’s important that facilities are in place to combat problem gaming and here too steps have been taken as organizations such as GameSense are becoming more widespread. The British Columbia Lottery Corp. (also known as BCLC) has also been active in trying to improve services that can help people with gambling problems although it is currently being met with some criticism following the release of some of its revenue figures. If you’re a fan of online casino gaming, there’s no doubt that you’re lucky to be Canadian as other parts of the world have completely shut down any possibilities of playing online.

In Conclusion

We hope this article has shed a bit of light on the exciting world of online gambling in Canada. Feel free to check out our other articles on gambling-related topics to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your betting buck.

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