Bodog’s “Quick Seat” Improves Online Poker for Recreational Players

For a long while now, Bodog has taken a different approach to online poker. There was a time when poker rooms seemed very interested in catering for professional players, while recreational players were seen as secondary in importance. This was unfortunate since it only brought down the game as a whole. If it weren’t for the more casual players, online poker would be a much smaller community. This outlook has seen a change and a new initiative by Bodog is proof of just that, putting the more casual players back in the game. The feature called “Quick Seat” does away with table analytics commonly known as “hand-data”, meaning that you’re allocated a table anonymously, without being able to scope out the players beforehand.

Bodog Poker

Bodog continues to please players of all levels.

Without us recreational poker players, the variety of poker action would dwindle, and so would the available prize money. It also doesn’t make much sense in terms of business. Recreational players bring in a lot of vital activity to any poker room, and some players that start off casually, discover their love and talent for the game and end up becoming major pros. That’s part of what makes poker such an attractive card game. If you keep learning and gaining experience, you can work your way up, no matter where you started from.

Many players probably aren’t even aware of the fact that some pretty shady tactics are used by sharks to take advantage of less experienced players. Quick Seat will take that advantage away, giving recreational players a better chance to win pots, even if pros and swindlers are sitting at the same table.

What is the Quick Seat feature by Bodog?

Quick seat is an anonymous table allocation system for cash games. The Quick Seat feature makes joining a table quick and easy, but its real value is in the fact that hand-data can’t be used. This means that the level of a player’s experience cannot be known. This gives all players an equal chance at every hand dealt.

If you’re a casual online poker player, you may not even be aware of the kind of stuff that “professional” players can get up to, looking to earn as much money as possible without any regard for the actual game. Players can buy hand-data of someone at the table and therefore make better predictions of that player’s behavior. This is essentially cheating and can really harm the game. It’s kind of like when you know matches are being fixed. It takes away the whole purpose of playing in the first place.

This is a welcomed move by Bodog. It’s great to see brands invest in technologies that benefit their customers, and not just bells and whistles to lure people into making deposits. The Quick Seat feature will also be added to Bodog’s sister brands Ignition Poker and Bovada as the software is essentially the same.

It will be interesting to see how this new feature affects the poker community as a whole. It’s so important that online poker remain fair so that the entertainment factor of the game is maintained. When these platforms are only used as a type of leaderboard for poker hackers, they just lose their charm. There’s no point in playing against someone who has an unfair advantage at every decision. The whole point of poker is that it’s unpredictable and that even an amateur can have a good session and rake in some nice cash.

If you haven’t experienced Bodog’s amazing online gaming service, then we really recommend it. This is one of our favorite online casinos for Canadians, and with a single account you can also enjoy premium poker and access to an excellent sportsbook.





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