Canadian Player Wins $11.6 Million on Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is one of Microgaming’s most successful games of all time, but it’s probably one of the most famous online slots as well. The reason for this is quite simple and straightforward – Mega Moolah pays out big. Even compared to it’s own standards though, the most recent Mega Moolah win is just mind blowing.

Just a few days ago, one extremely lucky slots player hit a massive win of C$11,600,000! And what’s more, that player is Canadian. It’s a pretty crazy story and to know that it’s a Canadian player that took home that kind of slots mother load makes it feel like winning big on an slots game is a reality that is well within reach.

This win is the 29th time that the Mega Moolah jackpot has been hit since 2009. This year we already saw a Microgaming slot break a record when another lucky player won €7.9 million playing on his iPad. This is still the biggest slots win from play on a mobile device so far. What’s even more impressive about it, is that it came while the player was participating in a promotion called “80 Chances to Become a Millionaire” where players were given 80 spins on a progressive jackpot for just $1. Damn.

The player’s identity has actually been released both by himself via a Youtube video and via the online casino. His name is Marcus Goodwin which we found quite hilarious! We haven’t seen any confirmation by Microgaming, but since the casino seems to have already written out a check for the winner, it’s not likely that there is any doubt about this win.

When asked about the wins and if he had any plans for the money, Marcus said, “Wow thank you so much! This is obviously life changing! I cannot believe it! I will definitely be buying a nice big house and a vacation cottage! And taking my entire family on a first class trip to Africa! This will mean great Christmas presents for everyone!” We definitely wouldn’t mind being in Marcus’ family circle during Christmas.

While this win came close, it isn’t Mega Moolah’s largest. On the 6th of October in 2015, a British slots player called Jonathan Heywood took home £13.2 million playing the game. Before that, the record was held by a Canadian player who won C$7.5 million in April of the same year.

The crazy thing about these massive progressive jackpot wins is that a lot of them come from basic C$1 wagers. After all, Mega Moolah, just like any other progressive slot, is completely random and although statistically bigger bets will cover more lines and opportunities, luck is unpredictable and you just need one moment of it when playing for this much money.

The win is the largest ever for YakoCasino, whose Co-Founder and CEO stated that “everyone at YakoCasino is ecstatic for the player and we wish Marcus all the very best with this record breaking win! Marcus’ win on Mega Moolah shows that YakoCasino has the jackpots and games to deliver amazing life-changing wins for our players. He is our first YakoMillionaire and we know he won’t be the last jackpot winner at”.

Well we’ve talked about Microgaming’s big progressive slots in the past as they’re offered by a number of our favorite online casinos that are open to Canadian players. This news just nails that point home – playing the right game at the right casino is all you need to have fun and be in the running for life-changing cash prizes. If you’re spinning for that big win, we wish you good luck!




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