IGT Launch Cardless Connect Mobile Rewards App

International Gaming Technology (IGT) have for a while been recognized as true innovators in the world of gambling technology. With operations in more than 100 countries worldwide, IGT is without a doubt one of the online gaming market’s major players. One of their most recent products – a system that enables a seamless connection between mobile devices and land-based loyalty programs – has passed its beta testing phase and will now be implemented in a number of casinos in Las Vegas.

The Cardless Connect App by IGT

The Cardless Connect App by IGT.

Introducing Cardless Connect

It’s no secret that loyalty programs are a great incentive for players. If you’re going to get rewards for playing the games you love, then why wouldn’t you pay a few more rounds? The problem with loyalty programs is that often the logistics involved in the registration and monitoring of the points earned can be really frustrating, of both the player and the casino. This is where IGT’s Cardless Connect concept comes into play.

Cardless Connect lets players collect their rewards points effortlessly by simply tapping their mobile devices on a card reader that’s attached to the slot machine. This takes away a lot of the nuisance of monitoring play activity that needs to be recorded for loyalty rewards.

The new technology has already been tested in a real-life casino and it passed with flying colors. The system was introduced to a Station Casino in Las Vegas and proved to be an excellent solution for both the players looking to earn rewards, and for the casino operator. The loyalty program at Station Casinos is called MyBoardingPass and will now be accessible using the app at all the operator’s casinos.

“We are committed to continuously delivering new benefits to our My Rewards Boarding Pass that bring value and convenience to our new and existing members,” stated Staci Alonso, Station Casinos EVP and Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer. “IGT’s Cardless Connect technology adds meaningful value to the STN mobile app by allowing guests to use their phone to card in at their favorite slot game if they prefer a digital experience.”

Nick Khin, IGT Chief Commercial Officer, North America Gaming & Interactive explained the process: “We evaluated multiple technologies and developed a flexible solution that supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or QR code connectivity. From the initial phases of implementation to the excitement of the ‘go live’, the Station Casinos team has embraced Cardless Connect’s innovative features and BLE connectivity, which deliver a superior user experience.”

Khin added that “Station Casinos has been a phenomenal partner in our rollout of Cardless Connect technology.”

How To Use Cardless Connect

To use Cardless Connect, you’ll first have to download the Station Casino app. Known as the STN app, it’s available for both iOS and Android devices. Of course, to experience Cardless Connect you will have to physically be at a Station Casino. Then, it’s just a matter of tapping your phone on the clearly-marked card reader. The reader recognizes that you’ve “signed in” to the game and will begin to record your play, collecting your loyalty points as you go.

We’d love to see something like Cardless Connect introduced to some of our local land-based casinos here in Canada. It will be interesting to see how this technology spreads. What would really be a gamechanger, at least for us players, is a multi-brand loyalty record system. In other words, a single app that would monitor all your play, regardless of the casino you were playing at, and then organize it. That way you could have all your loyalty points in one spot while each operator would be able to see your exact status at their casino. Just an idea!

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