Jackpot City Launches New Live Dealer Games

As we’ve mentioned in our online casino reviews before, Jackpot City is definitely one of your best bets as a Canadian looking for a great place for casino entertainment. The brand has managed to create an easy-to-use platform without giving up on what makes a casino exciting – atmosphere. Now, Jackpot City is turning up the heat even more by launching a completely new live casino. The new live casino will offer an assortment of the most popular casino games, all completely live and captured on camera so that you can be immersed into the casino excitement from wherever you are – no software graphics, no soundtracks. Just real casino action, up-front and personal.


What are Live Dealer Casino Games?

If you’re new to the online casino world, it’s likely that your searches have mostly led you to online slots and other casino game software. Well, over the years another type of online casino games has emerged – live dealer games. Live dealer games are exactly as their name describes – real casino games, led by a qualified professional dealer. In a live online casino, you can expect to find a casino floor that resembles a brick-and-mortar casino along with a number of tables offering the most popular casino games. Most live casinos will have tables for blackjack and roulette and maybe baccarat. Each table will have a dealer and cameras that follow the action. What you get is a point-of-view situation, where you’re sitting at a casino table and seeing exactly what you’d expect to see at a real casino: professional croupiers operating authentic casino equipment in real time.


The New Live Casino at Jackpot City

At the moment, the new live casino at Jackpot City works via a Flash player. This doesn’t really make any difference to the experience, but it does mean that currently there is no downloadable version and you can’t play on a mobile device. The good thing is that Jackpot City is working on both these options so it’s only a matter of time before they’ll be available. These days, all online casino operators know the importance of mobile play so we’re certain this will be launched very soon.

The games on offer are the ever-popular Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat as well as Stud Poker, 3-Card Poker, and Casino Hold’em. There are also two private Blackjack tables available.

The elegance and glamor of the casino adds to the atmosphere. There’s definitely a “night-out” vibe on the casino floor and it’s nice that you can see the other tables from a distance. There’s a variety of different camera angles which also adds to the depth of the experience. It’s actually quite a weird experience since it feels like you’re watching tv, but at the same time it’s interactive so you’re affecting what’s happening in real time.

With all this great stuff being said about live games, you might be asking yourself why all the other software versions are still so popular. The thing to take note of is that live casino games and programmed casino games have some small differences. Firstly, programmed games can be played way faster than the same games offered at a live casino. A computer program needs a fraction of a second to “shuffle” 4 decks of cards. Although shuffling is also automatic at a live casino, it’s still something that needs to take place and the interaction with the physical casino equipment is something that takes time.

Besides differences in pace between live and non-live games, there are also some limitations of the features offered. With software games you can adjust a large number of parameters to suit your personal needs, where at a live casino, you get what you see.

The amazing thing about Jackpot City is that you don’t have to choose between the live casino experience, or playing on software. Both options are readily available to any casino customer. This is a major advantage since mixing things up is the key ingredient to enjoying yourself at an online, or brick-and-mortar, casino.




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