Maple Casino Launches 2016 Halloween Cash Dash

Based on our experience of what’s available, we think that Maple Casino is one of the best online casinos for Canadian players. This casino has been online for fifteen years, which is a considerable stretch of time in the internet age, not to mention the world of gaming. Maple runs a variety of promotions throughout the year, offering players perks and bonuses. This Halloween, Maple Casino is holding what they call a “Halloween Cash Dash”. This promotion is based on wagering so the more you play, the more casino credits you earn, regardless if your bets win or lose.

How does Maple Casino’s Halloween Cash Dash work?

To be honest, although the folks at Maple Casino’s promotions team are claiming that it’s “easy to grasp”, we don’t find the Cash Dash system that straight forward. The explanation on the Maple Casino website isn’t very thorough, but since this promotion could lead to a huge amount of extra casino play, it’s worth taking part.

The object of the Halloween Cash Dash is to collect pumpkins. You do this by wagering as you play. The number of pumpkins you receive as you play depends on the account tier you fall into at Maple Casino. Alongside the pumpkin collection, is a grim reaper chasing a rabbit. When the reaper reaches the rabbit, a special bonus is rewarded.

The Halloween Cash Dash also has 6 checkpoints that players progress through as the promotion continues. Every checkpoint has 10 pumpkins to collect. The pumpkins are colored differently to show you which of the checkpoints you are on. Every time you finish collecting all 10 pumpkins in a checkpoint, the entire screen will light up. This means you’ve received the bonus for that checkpoint. You then move on to the next checkpoint, with more pumpkins to collect and another bonus on offer.

The amount of wagering you need to do to earn a pumpkin depends on which tier type your Maple Casino account falls into. The pumpkins are rewarded according to this arrangement:

– Players who fall into the green, silver and gold tiers are awarded a single pumpkin for every 250 coins that they wager. When 2,500 coins have been wagered, any player in this category will have completed a checkpoint.

– Players who fall into the platinum tier (considered VIP players at Maple Casino) are awarded a single pumpkin for every 1,000 coins that they wager. When 10,000 coins have been wagered, a player in this category will have completed a checkpoint.

It’s not that complicated, but it could definitely be simpler! The bottom line is that it’s totally worth the bonuses. At the end of the day, if you’re playing at Maple Casino anyway, you might as well earn extra casino credits as you go. You don’t even have to be on top of what’s happening with the pumpkins and checkpoints. You can just check back once in a while to see your progress, but even if you don’t, those bonuses will be automatically awarded to your account.

Maple Casino has a huge variety of top quality casino games and is a great online casino service overall. If you haven’t tried it, now is a good time especially since new members are offered an amazing welcome bonus with free spins and loyalty points. Although we find the Halloween Cash Dash a little clumsy in terms of how it’s set up, it’s still a great promotion and we wish there were more like it. It captures the fun of Halloween while rewarding players with the opportunity to earn a lot of extra casino play time. If you do decide to give it a try, good luck and we hope you earn yourself lots of treats.

Happy Halloween!

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