Microgaming’s New Poker Tournaments Offer Top Slots


Microgaming has released their new schedule for the Microgaming Poker Network (MPN). This new action-packed schedule is based around Microgaming’s leading slots games. This new approach will affect players of all types as the buy-ins will be organized across a range of prices that will suit casual and more serious players. What’s more, these are guaranteed tournaments so there will be a lot of cash being paid out.

When asked about the new schedule, Head of Product (Network Games) at Microgaming, Alex Scott, said, “The MPN is serious about tournaments and our new schedule shows that we have big ambitions. What’s more, by leveraging some of Microgaming’s most popular brands, we have created something that is unique within the industry. We’re constantly looking to improve the schedule, so expect plenty more changes in the coming weeks!”

The MPN has picked out some of Microgaming’s most popular casino brands to get their players excited about the new schedule and organized them according to days of the week. Specifically, Mondays will host Meg Moolah, Thursdays will be about Thunderstruck and River of Riches will be available every day of the week.

One of the main focuses of the month of November, in the eyes of the online marketing world is Cyber Monday. MPN hold special tournaments on Mondays where buy-in prices are slashed and guaranteed prizes increased significantly. This added incentive will surely have players even more excited about playing poker in November.

On Mondays, players will be able to play Microgaming’s ever-popular Mega Moolah progressive slot game with a buy-in of C$215 and a guaranteed prize of C$10,000. On Thursdays, it’s all about Thunderstruck, also one of Microgaming’s most well known progressive slots, with the same buy-in price and guaranteed prize. The River of Riches slot will be accessible to players at MPN, every day of the week.

This new approach is indeed quite ambitious and shows that Microgaming doesn’t take anything for granted. Instead, they’re open to trying new things that haven’t really been done in the industry before. There is a lot of competition out there and it’s quite clear that every brand is trying to show their strengths. Online poker isn’t a static world and offering players extra incentives and new experiences is definitely a good idea.

As mentioned above, the new tornaments added to the MPN schedule have two features that stand out: the improved guaranteed prize and buy-in conditions. There are three new tournaments overall: the Kilobyte tournament with C$500 guaranteed and a C$5.50 buy-in; the Megabyte tournament with C$2,500 guaranteed and a C$33 buy-in; and the Gigabyte tournament with a C$7,500 guarantee and C$110 buy-in.


MPN adds New “Burst” and “Flash” Tournament Formats

MPN will also be adding two new formats for their guaranteed tournaments: Burst and Flash. The Burst tournaments are set up to hold two 15 minute play levels, with additional 6-minute levels during the bubble. The Flash tournaments, including any satellite events (with 300 chips), will be organized into 2-minute levels. Winners from the Flash tournaments will have access to a host of Microgaming’s major poker events.

These new formats accompanied by the extra incentive of access to top progressive slot games with big prizes will surely be welcomed by MPN players and online poker players in general. Essentially, Microgaming are reducing their buy-in amounts by half and at the same time increasing their guaranteed prizes. The new formats seem like a great idea because they will hopefully add some spice to the better known poker tournament formats, giving players a new experience as they try to get the biggest bite they can out of that prize money.




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