Pokerstars Launch New “Casino Rush” App

The popular poker site Pokerstars has launched a new application for Android and iOS devices called Casino Rush. As the name suggests, this app is not a pure poker platform, but instead offers a wide range of casino entertainment options. The app is already available and promises to be a hit based on the reactions we’ve seen so far.

This type of mobile casino app is the first of its kind with regards to game selection as well as other special features. According to the Director of Social Gaming at PokerStars, Lloyd Melnick, a lot of effort was invested by the company in determining what players were looking for in a social betting app.

Melnick and his team analyzed the social gaming world and found that there was still a gap in the market regarding what poker players were looking for. He said, “We spent a lot of time assessing the social casino market, what was missing and what players wanted. Our analysis found that our social players want a poker experience that they can enjoy quickly whether or not they are connected to the Internet. That’s why we created Casino Rush. It is the best of poker, casino and slots all fused into one great game, just what gamers in 2016 are looking for.”

PokerStars continued to do their research and identified that social poker players were mainly concerned with three factors, besides the actual quality of the games – ease of access, loading speed, and the option of both online and offline play. Based on these elements, Casino Rush was born, but PokerStars didn’t stop there. This app does a whole lot more than cover those bases.

Casino Rush was developed in collaboration with an online casino game design company called Seven Deuces Games which has offices in the UK and Sri Lanka. Seven Deuces was founded by Ali Masterman and Paul Conroy in 2014 and Casino Rush is its first app in the social gaming market. It turns out that Masterman was actually a professional poker player and staker who at one time worked for the site while Conroy also has poker experience and is the founder of Stake Me to Play. Their poker background definitely plays a big part in knowing what players are really looking for in an app.


What’s in Casino Rush?

Well first of all, don’t expect the familiar with this one. Being PokerStars’ 9th app may be the reason why Casino Rush is pretty out there. The app combines a variety of game types into a wild bundle of betting fun. The games in Casino Rush include: Hold’em Switch, All-In Poker Split, Swap The Flop, and Double Ditch Hold’em.

On the Google apps page it says that online poker tournaments are on their way too so we’ll be on the lookout for those. Our guess is that the tournaments will be based on the app’s current games, which are perfectly in tune with the fast pace of mobile play.

What players will love is the option to play both on and offline. This has been something that a lot of players have complained about and PokerStars have done well to provide their customers with what they’re looking for.


Free Chips for Everyone!

By signing up to Casino Rush, new players are rewarded with 75,000 chips. Additional chips become available as you progress and unlock more games.

The social aspect of PokerStars takes a number of forms. There are leaderboards allowing you to see your position in relation to the community of players as well as private leaderboard games that can be set up between friends.






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