PokerStars Release Improved Jackpot Poker on Steam Platform


Looking to enter the multi-billion dollar social gaming market, PokerStars developed Jackpot Poker, a version of their popular Spin and Go tournaments. The game was launched onto the Steam platform, which has a huge community of keen game-heads who take the quality of their games very seriously. Players eagerly tried out the Pokerstars Jackpot Poker game, only to find it had a number of flaws, and the release led to quite a lot of disappointment. PokerStars quickly set about fixing the issues and has re-launched the game with a host of improvements.

The Spin and Go games on PokerStars are extremely popular amongst real money poker players. PokerStars have always been great at understanding what players are looking for, and what makes poker exciting. The Spin and Go tournaments, which offer both single player and multi-player modes, quickly became the favorite format for a lot of players. It’s a very fast-paced type of online poker and the layout is very simple, putting emphasis on the social aspect of the game with an attractive chat feed and graphics that are easy on the eyes. Creating Jackpot Poker for Steam based on this outlook was a smart move by PokerStars.

PokerStars Jackpot Poker

A new and improved version of PokerStars’ Jackpot Poker is now available on Steam.

With the initial release of the game on Steam, Director of Social Gaming at PokerStars, Lloyd Melnick, said, “We are so pleased that players will now be able to experience and enjoy what Jackpot Poker has to offer via their desktops.”

Melnick added that, “Having the game on Steam allows us to reach a whole new audience who will enjoy playing the game just as much as our mobile players.”

The main problem with the original version of Jackpot Poker was the fact that it turned out to be very glitchy, especially on mobile devices. Reviewers of the first version gave it a 6/10 on average. For the sake of comparison, another poker game launched on Steam – Poker Night 2 – earned a rating of 9/10 and was a very popular game in 2013. Full Tilt was actually the first poker operator to attempt an entrance into the Steam arena, but received reviews of players who criticized that the gameplay lacked realism. Since a lot of players enjoy playing games like poker on tablets, the glitches proved to be a major let down. PokerStars didn’t wait long though, and were very quick to start fixing the bugs.

Jackpot Poker is kind of like an arcade version of online poker. You can play Texas Hold’em or Omaha and the games are fast with the focus being fun and excitement, rather than serious grind sessions. You can enjoy poker tournaments as well as slot games. To go along with the nature of Steam with regards to the social element, the game also has features like leaderboards, virtual trophies, and even bragging rights.

Liv Boeree, pro poker player and member of the PokerStars team, features in the new Jackpot Poker game. She’s a very respected poker professional who’s become one of the game’s biggest celebrities. In response to the new release, Boeree said, “Jackpot Poker is a fun social game that gives players a real poker experience and the chance to enhance their poker skills in an exciting, interactive environment. It’s fantastic that Jackpot Poker can now be enjoyed by a new group of players.”

Jackpot Poker is available to Steam customers, and can also be accessed on iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire TV.

If you’re looking for some premium quality online poker action, make sure to visit the poker room that sets the international standard – PokerStars. PokerStars is an Amaya Inc. brand and is the world’s biggest online poker site.


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